Friday, February 02, 2007

Texas Girls Must Receive Anti-Cervical Cancer Vacine

AUSTIN, Texas — Bypassing the Legislature altogether, Republican Gov. Rick Perry issued an order today making Texas the first state to require that schoolgirls get vaccinated against the sexually transmitted virus that causes cervical cancer.

By employing an executive order, Perry sidestepped opposition in the Legislature from conservatives and parents’ rights groups who fear such a requirement would condone premarital sex and interfere with the way Texans raise their children.

Beginning in September 2008, girls entering the sixth grade — meaning, generally, girls ages 11 and 12 — will have to receive Gardasil, Merck & Co.’s new vaccine against strains of the human papillomavirus, or HPV.

Perry also directed state health authorities to make the vaccine available free to girls 9 to 18 who are uninsured or whose insurance does not cover vaccines. In addition, he ordered that Medicaid offer Gardasil to women ages 19 to 21.

Perry, a conservative Christian who opposes abortion and stem-cell research using embryonic cells, counts on the religious right for his political base. But he has said the cervical cancer vaccine is no different from the one that protects children against polio.

“The HPV vaccine provides us with an incredible opportunity to effectively target and prevent cervical cancer,” Perry said.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Wishin' And Hopin'

Just finished watching Grey's Anatomy. Such a good episode! It was neat that Ellis Grey came out of her Alzheimer's for a little bit, but it was sad when she went back into. I felt bad for Meredith.

The whole thing with the cancer patient's blood being toxic and making all the doctors sick was interesting. I never quite understood what caused her blood to become toxic, but it was a good storyline all the same.

George and Callie got married, and Christina finally accepted Burke's proposal. How cute!